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Splitting methods among runners are fairly undivided in this game. We decided on the trumpet blow splitting (most popular) as the standard for the board.

Adjustment, s
Trumpet blow Gnist, Remo, Zen, Mikl
Save icon 2.60 Suappi, Oggy

Fill in all uncolored segments in the episode section. They will automatically be moved over to full game.

The splits marked orange should not be moved between ep runs and full-game, as they're not accurate/comparable between the boards.

Start ep splits (grayed out) should not be updated and are estimates based on realistic splits (from Gnist).

If you want to add your times to the list, you may have to adjust them first.

If they split on auto save, remove 2.60s on first split per ep, add 2.60s on each operation.

Any adjusted best segments should be marked with an asterisk (*)

There are some exceptions to these splitting rules used in the board for any% and 100%.

All splits that do not split on the final trumpet blow of the job complete screen by default are listed below with their respective splitting times.

Segment Split location
Kaine Island Final hit connects on Dr. M (loss of control)
Start ep 1 Character select
Op: Tar be Gone! Final hit connects on Octavio (loss of control)
Start ep 2 Character select
Op: Moon Crash 2nd hook connects on the mask (loss of control)
Start ep 3 Character select
Op: Turbo Dominant Eagle Final hit connects on Black Baron (loss of control)
Ep 4 Prelude Transition from white screen to animated cutscene
Start ep 4 Character select
Op: Wedding Crasher Final hit connects on the dragon (loss of control)
Start ep 5 Character select
Op: Reverse Double-Cross Final hit connects on LeFwee
Start ep 6 Gaining control of Carmelita
Final Legacy Final attack connects on Dr. M (loss of control)

Speed between different languages in this game varies a lot. There are a total of 12 languages available for different digital (PSN) releases for this game (NTSC, PAL and NTSC-J: Kor).

Below are listed all splits in both any% and 100% runs of Sly 3 that are affected by languages and version differences.

English is counted in these comparisons to always use the H&S skip (Health & Safety skip). More on H&S skip in Sly 2 Forewords page.

This board uses only specific languages (Dutch and Norwegian) as a standard (Dutch for everything except episodes 3 and 4) although other versions/langauges of the game make certain splits faster than in Dutch or Norwegian on PAL.

* Splits that contain some cycle based elements but have a near insignificant effect on how much different languages saves.
** Splits that contain cycle based elements that have a significant effect on how much different languages saves.
H&S Splits that are listed fastest in English always contain game resets and utilize the H&S skip (saves ~7.2 seconds every reset).
Green = Community gold standard set to Dutch (PAL)
Red = Community gold standard set to Norwegian (PAL)

Segment Fastest Language Time save Notes
Kaine Island German 0:04.57
Hazard Room Dutch -
Police HQ Dutch -
Canal Chase English (NTSC) 0:04.36 H&S
Octavio Snap Dutch -
Into the Depths German 0:04.30 *
Tar Ball English (NTSC) 0:06.73 H&S
Turf War! Norwegian 0:01.94
Guard Duty Dutch -
Run 'n Bomb Italian 0:00.43
Op: Tar be Gone! English (NTSC) 0:03.33 H&S
Start Episode 2 English (NTSC) 0:07.30 H&S
Search for the Guru Norwegian 0:00.60
Dark Caves English (NTSC) 0:04.33 H&S*
Spelunking Norwegian 0:02.20
Big Truck Dutch - *
Unleash the Guru German 0:01.37
Hungry Croc English (NTSC) 0:00.43 H&S
The Claw German 0:01.23
Lemon Rage Norwegian 0:01.60
Op: Moon Crash Dutch -
Start Episode 3 English (NTSC) 0:07.20+* H&S
Hidden Flight Roster Norwegian -
Frame Team Iceland Norwegian - *
Cooper Hangar Defense Norwegian -
Frame Team Belgium Norwegian - *
ACES Semi-Finals Dutch 0:00.23*
Beauty and the Beast Dutch 0:01.47
Giant Wolf Massacre Dutch 0:04.57
Windmill FIrewall Dutch 0:03.24
Op: Turbo Dominant Eagle Norwegian -
Episode 4 Prelude Norwegian -
Start Episode 4 English (NTSC) 0:07.20 H&S
Tearful Reunion Norwegian -
Get a Job Norwegian -
Grapple-Cam Break-In Norwegian -
Laptop Retrieval Norwegian -
A Battery of Peril English (NTSC) 0:05.50 H&S
Vampiric Demise Norwegian -
Down the Line Norwegian -
Op: Wedding Crasher Norwegian - *
Start Episode 5 English (NTSC) 0:05.33+* H&S
The Talk of Pirates Dutch -
Dynamic Duo Dutch -
Jollyboat of Destruction Dutch -
X Marks the Spot Norwegian 0:00.90 *
Crusher from the Depths English (NTSC) 0:00.56 H&S
Battle on the High Seas Spanish (NTSC/PAL) 0:00.97
Deep Sea Danger Dutch - *
Op. Reverse Double-Cross Norwegian 0:03.27
Start Episode 6 English (NTSC) 0:06.27 H&S
Carmelita to the Rescue Dutch/Italian -
A Deadly Bite Dutch -
The Dark Current Dutch -
Bump-Charge-Jump Dutch -
Danger in the Skies German 0:03.87
The Ancestor's Gauntlet Norwegian 0:01.87 *
Stand Your Ground Norwegian 0:07.64
Final Legacy Dutch -
Beauty versus the Beast (100%) English (NTSC) 0:02.60 H&S
Ultimate Gauntlet (100%) Italian 0:00.37 *
Octavio's Last Stand (100%) Norwegian 0:02.67