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The community SoB will be using the fastest (norm) routes and have 1 split per level (Paris excluded).

There's a lot of varience in where the runners perform their splits.

In order to have an accurate community SoB, all golds displayed are re-timed to the split standard stated.

Listed below is five Common variants on splitting and the time difference between them and the

split method that is displayed on the leaderboards.

Type Split Method Levels
#1 Final bass string - Gnist, Cuber, Alek, Msa, Alec, Cooper
#2 Murray Racing and Running Levels Start of fade out For the Murray levels (E.X. At The Dog Track) subtract 13.0 seconds. For the levels that directly follow (E.X. Straight to the Top) Add 13.0 seconds.
#3 Ghastly Voyage and Rapid Fire Assault Fade out to Map Screen For Ghastly Voyage and Rapid Fire Assault subtract 7.0 Seconds. For the level directly following (E.X. Duel by the Dragon) Add 7.0 Seconds
#4 100% Exclusive Selection on Map Screen from View Mapping to skip a Vault Cutscene (E.X. Stealthy Approach) For the level you collect the vault (E,X, Stealthy Approach) Subtract 1.4 seconds. For the level directly afterward (E.X. Into the Machine) Add 1.4 Seconds.
#5 Please Note If your method of splitting isn't listed here it isn't common enough to warrant listing. N/A

There are many different methods of splitting, but this sheet will use the shared method of splitting explained above.

The base concept of this method is "last input" or "loss of control", which is RTA standard.

All golds displayed are the fastest possible segment times with the current fastest possible route.

This means that some levels might have a slow gold displayed because the overall route for the full run is faster.